Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Day 2 notes

Today seemed to go more smoothly. The kids slept in, so I made bacon and eggs and played Mozart to wake them up. Now THAT is what I'm talking about --- that is CM to me! LOL Each one walked into the kitchen in turn and said "That smells good... where is that music coming from?" ;)

I decided today to try having Riley go do any of her independent stuff first, while I get Austin going alone. That seemed to work well. He did his math lesson, this time getting them all correct, and I read to Reece (a board book about Ben Franklin from the library). Then Austin and I worked on his first lesson of Junior Analytical Grammar. During that time, Riley worked on her French CD-rom, read, read, and read some more. She does NOT appreciate limits on her reading... the Ben Franklin book I wanted her to read over the next week, she finished today. Austin did his copywork (10 minute time limit this time), then he went to do his Spanish CD-rom (it's all the same CD-rom, 6 languages in 1. Best $20-$30 I ever spent!). Riley finished her math lesson from yesterday, then did grammar (First Language Lessons, level 3). It so happened her copywork was a quote from Ben Franklin, which she found ultra-exciting! Austin started reading Ben Franklin of Old Philadelphia, which is a Landmark book - love those!

Today our Ambleside readings included Paul Bunyan from American Tall Tales (we had this book as a part of the Calvert 5th grade curriculum), and a biography of Michaelangelo. We read about half of the Paul Bunyan story, and will have to finish the rest tomorrow. The kids didn't narrate from this very well, and I'm not sure why. Riley, too, struggled narrating from Michaelangelo, even though we only read 2 pages.

I also worked with Reece on a few pages from Can You Find Me? from the Critical Thinking Company/Bright Minds (whatever they are called now). In this series, you read some clues and the child has to locate the picture for the clue. Great for auditory processing! She struggled a bit on some of them.

All in all, I can't complain --- today has left me more encouraged than yesterday, that's for sure.

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The Glasers said...

I am so glad day two went better!

Two things to keep in mind . . . one is to think about building daily habits. Habits do not happen overnight and require adjustment. But, six months down the road, building habits pay off! Charlotte Mason believed if a child had twenty solid habits (attention being foremost) by the time he grew up, he would be set for life!

Second, narration is very difficult! It requires work on the child's part and it is very different from instrumental ways of sharing knowledge. What some CM parents do to convince themselves of this is to read a high level book with full attention. Then we try to narrate it and find out that it is not easy! :-)

Go, pirates!