Monday, October 01, 2007

Day 1 report

I guess, all in all, it didn't go too badly. I overslept, which is annoying. And it was quite cool in the house this morning so nobody wanted to get out of bed! LOL I threw robes and socks at everyone and promised warm blueberry muffins, which did help to get the bodies moving.

We started with our scripture memory box over breakfast, which we have neglected lately. The kids were still eating, so I decided to start with some world history. I read aloud a chapter from Our Island Story about Henry VIII, which was very enjoyable. I stopped halfway to check that everyone was understanding, and they were. When we finished, I started asking questions, which is so typical of me --- cannot keep my mouth shut. I have to work on that in RDI, too, so it's not just a homeschooling thing.

We moved on to math after this. In keeping with the 'short lessons' theme, I told them to work on their math lesson for 20 minutes (starting after the instruction part). Riley only finished 7 problems of the 15 assigned. At this rate, she will NEVER finish her book. How do I handle this? The work was not too hard at all. Austin finished his with 10 minutes to spare, but his was very simple today. (Aside: I started him in Saxon 54 today, hoping to find something with enough built-in review so he won't keep forgetting everything. So this was the first lesson, involving solving for an unknown in addition, something he's been doing forever with MUS. But, because we've spent so much time with multiple digit mulitplication and now long division, he had totally forgotten anything else...hence the switch to Saxon. If this doesn't help, I don't know what I'm going to do.)

This is when it started to get a little crazy, and didn't feel very Charlotte Mason-y to me. Reece cried that she wanted school work too, so I took her to the living room to read her a story (The Bee House by Patricia Pollacco... not sure where I heard about this book, but it was a delightful story!). Riley was working on her copywork, which was only one scripture verse but ended up taking much longer than 15 minutes. Austin went to read one of his assigned readings. Then I sent Riley to work on her French (computer CD-rom), and Austin started on his copywork, which also took longer than 15 minutes, even though it was only 3-4 sentences. Then Reece and I did some mazes from Visual Perceptual Skill Building, Vol. 1 while Austin did Spanish (computer CD-rom) and Riley did some reading. Austin did the corrections on his math, then we went into the living room so I could read Science.

Now I come to another question: my kids like to interrupt and ask questions about stuff as I'm reading, or they like to talk about things, usually related to the reading. Reece will often ask questions not related to the reading, but she's little and I'm working on getting her out of that. When it was time to narrate, and I tried to keep quiet, but ended up not going a good job... nobody could really tell me about what I'd read. I'm not sure if it was because the concept was hard (Angiosperms in Apologia's elementary Botany), or if it was because they weren't listening because they were busy talking.

Riley was done with everything after science, but I still needed to read with Austin. His book is At the Back of the North Wind, and it is complicated language. I had planned to tandem read a chapter with him, but we only got through 4 pages before he was completely wiped out. He was able to read the words quite well, but the sentence structure is complex and the print is quite small. He used an index card to hold his place. I stopped several times to see if he was getting it and he wasn't --- I had to explain alot of what was going on. I think I'm going to have him read Ben Franklin of Philadelphia instead, because we're going to see the Ben Franklin exhibit at the Atlanta History Center next week. Then maybe we'll try again in a couple of weeks. Riley's first book is A Little Princess and she 'accidentally' read 3 chapters instead of 1, so obviously she's having no trouble!

It was time to make lunch and everyone went outside to play. While they were eating I read aloud from "The Princess and the Goblin" which is by the same author as Austin's book. The language and sentence structure are so different from what I'm used to! They seemed to enjoy it... Riley had already read the first 3 chapters yesterday afternoon when I picked it up from the library. Argh. She didn't give away any of the details, under threat of exile! :)

Now everyone is having rest time, and I'm completely wiped out. It seems like an awful lot of work with not much to show for it! LOL I'm going to remain patient and reserve judgement, because we've been out of the school routine for awhile. It wasn't like I had expected it to be: Reece was crying and complaining that she was lonely with nobody to play with; Riley dawdled as much as she usually does; and Austin still freaked out when he missed some in math, and complained that his hand hurt while writing 4 measely sentenes. It didn't seem like the relaxing, harmony-filled, quiet school morning that I have envisioned while reading on the Ambleside website or reading books about CM! ;) I know, I know... gotta give it time.

I'm sure we'll get into a groove soon.

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lisaquing said...

Sounds like a perfectly normal homeschool day to me! Then again, I do not think we could ever call one of our school days relaxing, harmony-filled, or QUIET, for goodness sake! lol