Monday, October 01, 2007

Another question from Day 1

(There are a couple of questions in the post below from day 1)

OK, I'm new to the whole 'short lessons' philosophy. How on earth do you do it without setting a timer or glancing at the clock every few minutes? Do you just sort of 'wing it'? If so, can I go on record by saying that I'm tired of people who want me to 'wing it', or 'go with the flow'? I am so not a 'go with the flow' sort of person, to the point where it's making me insane!

I set the timers for the kids for math --- no shortage of timers at the Black Pearl Academy, but I bet you're not surprised to read that! ;) For the other readings, I just watched the clock. We were able to get the amount of reading on the AO list for today done within the time frame (except for Austin's Free Reading, which I guess is, after all, free so it doesn't count?), so if this is a typical amount of reading, then I'll feel comfortable looking away from the clock! ;)

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The Glasers said...

Actually, some families do just that. . . they set the timer! :0) The randoms wing it, while the sequentials use a timer! I'm a little bit of both and did a little bit of both!

Some parents do free reading at bedtime. If you have a good library, you could get audio versions of them and listen in the car or on road trips.