Wednesday, October 03, 2007

3rd day

Today was sort of a mix between Monday and Tuesday in terms of how everything went. We got a much earlier start, which is my personal preference. I don't like to have to wake the kids up if I don't have to, though. I learned from experience for at least Austin and Reece that if I wake them up early, they are not going to compensate for that by getting more sleep that night. And Reece has just begun to fall into the same pattern Austin started at this age of laying in bed for hours before falling asleep, so she's tired enough as it is.

We started again with Austin doing his 'mom-assisted work', and that is going well. However, I may switch and start with Riley instead of Austin. We had issue with her math lesson again today. I timed how long it took her to do a few sample problems with me, and she completed each in less than 30 seconds. So I assigned the even problems in her workbook, for a total of 18. After 20 minutes, she had only completed 9 and was working on the 10th. I caught her daydreaming a few times. How do I address this in a CM way? Am I to sit with her for the 20 minutes until she has developed the habit of attention? Today I handled it by requiring her to finish the page after lunch. I do understand that it's not very "CM" but she has to complete her math daily. I am not concerned about it being too much or too hard by any means. If there is another way to handle this that will allow us to develop her habit of attention while also ensuring the lesson is completed each day, I am all ears! :)

Austin was able to complete his math lesson within the time frame, and he got all of them correct again. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for when we get to harder lessons! :) He also completed the copywork he started yesterday, and it was much neater than it usually is. I think knowing he isn't in a rush to finish a certain piece helps him to focus on neatness. Riley's copywork was neat, as usual, but she also completed it in a timely manner. I told her I was proud of her for working hard and keeping her attention to her work. This was after we talked about the problem with non-attention and math, so maybe it got through to her a little bit.

While the big kids did independent work, I did some more Visual Perceptual Skill Building with Reece, and also read her a few stories. One I read was Who Owns the Sun? This is another book where I'm not sure how I found out about it, but it was a powerful book! Austin and Riley, at some point, came into the living room where I was reading it to Reece, so they could listen better. I didn't shoo them off, because this story was wonderful. I was in tears by the end! We talked a little bit about the theme afterwards because the big kids were asking questions. If you read this one, have some tissues nearby!

Our Ambleside readings today were science (we finally finished lesson 1 of Botany! It's a miracle!), geography, and we had to finish Paul Bunyan's tale from American Tall Tales. There was no geography scheduled for this week, but I wanted to add in the Holling C. Holling books from the earlier Ambleside years. Year 3 asks you to study Marco Polo, and I have a Sonlight book about him that both kids have read in years past. So I figured we would go through the Holling books that we haven't read before, and then wrap up with Marco Polo before the end of the school year. The kids actually reminded me to finsh Paul Bunyan over lunch because I hadn't made myself a note of it, and had completely forgotten!

Narration was still a bit of a struggle today, but I'm Ok with it. We will keep working on it, bit by bit. I am trying to remember that this is the precursor to written narration/composition, but then I get all worked up and start to interrupt. I did that today with Austin and I could see the look in his eyes change as soon as I started to correct him. Maybe I need a roll of duct tape for my mouth?

Personally, as mom/teacher, I am thoroughly enjoying the Ambleside readings and the variety they are bringing to our days. I didn't think I would enjoy the disconnected feeling of reading from one book here and another book there. But I'm not getting that feeling so far. It just seems like another little adventure here and there, and it's really keeping the kids interest. By the way, we read the first two chapters of Paddle-to-the-Sea by Holling. We all really enjoyed it, and spent some time looking at the map to see which river flows from the Great Lakes into the sea. :)

We're halfway through our first week of Ambleside! So far, so good!


lisaquing said...

I'm reading everything! Sounds like it's working.

Anonymous said...

3rd Day - Great band!

Jan said...

Sounds like it's just going to get better and better!!!

Niffercoo said...

That goofy anonymous comment is from my beloved husband! ;)


The Glasers said...

I like Third Day too--David, my ds, saw them in concert last fall (or was that Casting Crowns).

I think Riley might be a kindred spirit of "Inconstant Kitty" and Charlotte Mason knew her well. Read on . . .

BTW, Charlotte also describes meltdowns pretty clearly in "The Philosopher at Home" . . .