Sunday, September 02, 2007

Weekend Update

Yesterday was a "Work in the Yard" day. These are few and far between at our house, which makes them an all-day event! Because of the "lush growth" that is our yard, we use this opportunity to engage in impromptu nature study. In plain English, that means our yard got so overgrown, that as we cut stuff down we kept finding spiders:

We looked up this beautiful specimen in our Field Guide. I can't remember what it is called, but we're giving it refuge in front of the girls' bedroom window! :)

Daddy found a Black Widow, which we did NOT get a picture of, nor are we granting refuge to her. She met an untimely end.

Austin helped daddy with yard work all day. It was great for them both. They were able to actually work alot of RDI time into their yard work! They came back in tired but feeling competent!

Reece patiently waited all day long for Daddy to actually mow the grass so she could play in the backyard. It had been well over 100 degrees for most of August, so there wasn't much time to play in the backyard. Then the rains came, and the yard grew too fast and there was no time to mow it. Now that the weather has turned cooler (mid 80s) she's been dying to play in the backyard! She waited SO patiently, and finally was rewarded with some time to swing. She is swinging so high now, that we're going to need to find something different for her to swing on. I'm afraid she's going to tip our old wooden swingset over. I'll get some pics of her swinging next time!

While she waited, she did some creative playing:

Now, it may just look like elaborate 'lining up' and maybe it is. But she has put each of the Dora Horse farm folks into shoes to make it look like they are in carriages. And she has tied each horse to the shoe to look like the horse is pulling! I think that is terribly creative! I think she got the idea from the twin baby's carriage! :) How cool!

Today was good for Reece. She did very well at church with me again! We rode in the truck with daddy, which was hard on Austin because it was different. But he managed to get control back after a few minutes. It was one of those unexpected things that was out of our control... I'm having van troubles, and I didn't want to get stuck on to road with DH at church. So we got ready early and rode with him!

Right now, it's late but Austin is watching the Nascar race. We don't have school tomorrow b/c daddy will be off work. He's making some noises, talking to himself in the other room. DH asked, "What is he doing in there?"

I know what he is doing: he is enjoying himself. He is watching one of his favorite things, and he is enjoying himself! He's not stressed out about trying to be what everyone expects him to be. And he's not having to hold everything in to meet those expectations. Therefore, he isn't having to experience the failure of missing those expectations. He is just enjoying himself! If that involves talking to himself, reciting the stats for the drivers, having his own race in his head that he is acting out, or replaying things that have happened in tonight's races --- I'm OK with that. At least for tonight. Because it's nice to know that he is happy. :)

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