Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Tuesday tidbits

We had alot of stormy weather yesterday, but even during storms, this is a beautiful place!
Instead of staying inside, we got our ponchos on and went for a walk in the light rain. It was cool and peaceful, and we really ennjoyed ourselves.
See what I mean? Have you ever seen a sky so pretty during a storm or immediately after? :)
The weather was better this morning, and we have spent the better part of the morning outside swimming and playing in the beach. We're in for some much-needed rest (on the part of the adults lol) and then we'll try to get back out again if the storms hold off. I'm going to go sit outside and read while the kids are resting!


lisaquing said...

Oh, I love storms!! Going out in the rain sounds lovely! For some reason, I am a day behind in your updates.

Nan said...

That first stormy picture is a great one!!