Thursday, September 06, 2007

Today's notes

1. Reece is thinking big thoughts. She is taking her sister's things. Why? I don't know. Tonight she broke Riley's snowglobe she got from Disneyworld last fall. Reece immediately came to me to tell me about it. She said she was very sorry. I helped her clean it up, then we went to tell Riley about it. (Riley had been in the shower). Reece was nearly in tears, and Riley took it as well as she could. But then 15 minutes later, Reece had taken Riley's bracelet that she got at the Not-Back-to-School Party! UGH

Reece also asked me today why Jesus died on the cross. Big thoughts from such a little girl!

2. Austin had a pretty good day today. We packed up clothes, books, and DVDs for our vacation. He was very anxious about not doing school. When we went to get his haircut this evening, he did the whole thing himself (except paying for it!). He carried on quite a nice conversation with the stylist and she complimented me on the good job I'm doing with my children.

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lisaquing said...

Big thoughts indeed! Good for Riley to take it as best she could. I'd be upset myself. Sounds like Austin did very well at the hair salon.