Friday, September 14, 2007

Thursday on the island

We had another wonderful day yesterday! Our neighbors brought out some sand toys they had with them. They have an adult special needs daughter who enjoys making sand castles, and they thought our girls would like building with her toys. They were right!
Austin and Dad played ball on the beach... Austin needed some practice time in pitching since he is starting pitcher at the next game when we get back home! They also did some more fishing yesterday morning, but didn't catch anything.
Riley built a hopscotch on the beach and played until the waves came and got the board! :)
We had our dinner out last night! We got all dressed up and went for pizza at the local pizza place! Don't the kids look beautiful?
Austin took a picture of Daddy and me! Notice how nicely Daddy has tanned up? :)

It's hard to believe today is our last day of vacation! It's hard not to be sad, even though I'm somewhat ready to get back to my home and my own bed! There is a small storm passing over right now, then we're going to head out and take advantage of our last day beachfront!


Anonymous said...

Love the pictures! Welcome home!

lisaquing said...

That was me, the anonymous one.