Friday, September 28, 2007

Ears and Baseballs

In all the school talk early in the morning, I forgot to post an update about Reece's ENT appointment and Austin's ball game.

Unfortunately, her tubes are still firmly in her ears. I was so hoping they would have fallen out on their own. Argh. She will have to have surgery to have them removed, and that will take place on October 12th. I am so sad that it has to happen, but there is really no choice. Your prayers for peace of mind for her (and me) and an easy surgery and recovery are appreciated!

We won the ball game last night in exciting fashion! Austin had one hit (a triple) and one strikeout. He didn't pitch. We won the game in the bottom of the 4th inning. Their pitcher had given up a walk to our 10th place batter, and the top of the lineup came back up. Our #1 hitter had a great hit which scored a run to tie the game and left him on 3rd base. They intentionally walked the #2 and #3 batters (Austin is #3) which had the bases loaded. Russ tells me they did this to cause a force-out on every base. All of a sudden, my husband (the coach) sends the runner from 3rd to steal home --- and he DOES! That's how we won the game! :) It was incredibly exciting!

We have nothing planned for today and I am glad. :) We're all being lazy and I'll do some house cleaning in a little while! Back to school on Monday!

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