Thursday, September 20, 2007

Reece is going to Georgia Tech!

And here I was afraid my kids would never go to college! ;)

Here's the scoop: our RDI consultant sent me some contact information over the summer for a research study in how children with disabilities play. They were looking for children ages 5-8, with disabilities and without. I signed both girls up. I spoke to the director of the study and they would like Reece to participate next week. They don't need Riley yet, but I told her I have to bring all of the kids anyway so they might go ahead and tape Riley for future reference. And they also want Reece to participate in a study on play and drawing! She loves to draw, so that should be fun for her.

Of course, had I known this was coming, I wouldn't have started the Stranger Safety stuff that we did this week! When I told her what she was going to do next week she said, "But mom, that will be a stranger and I should not go with a stranger!" I told her it was OK, because she would be with her "Safe Side Adult"! (This DVD from the library is really fantastic... I highly recommend it. John Walsh helped to produce it. It's called Stranger Safety).

I'll post more after she's done in the study! What could be more fun that getting a chance to play in the name of research!?

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