Monday, September 10, 2007

Hoist the Colors

Hopefully, you will have seen POTC3: At World's End, so you will understand the meaning of "Hoist the Colors"! If not, this would be a good time to remedy the situation... I'm sure POTC3 is at your local discount theater! ;)

Yesterday was a lovely windy day so we took the opportunity to "Hoist the Colors" of the Black Pearl Academy:

We had a great day yesterday, but I think we over-did it, because we're all moving pretty slowly this morning! The boys are returning the rented fishing poles, then we're heading for the beach again.

Yesterday the kids caught some fish, dh got a speeding ticket on the island, and I got some time alone to walk along the beach! Reece spent much of the afternoon inside, after having been at the pool and the beach in the morning. I think we overwhelmed her! Ooops! Russ and I were talking that it does seem progress that she is a bit nervous and overwhelmed. Last time we came (2 years ago, and 2 weeks before her diagnosis of autism), she was fine. She never acted like anything was different and she just hung out. This time she has been very vocal about things looking and smelling different and she asks when we're going home. But she doesn't seem miserable, just aware. And I guess that, in our case, awareness is progress.

Austin is doing well... even when he was with daddy getting the speeding ticket. DH said he could tell Austin was extremely upset and worried, and DH told him it was OK to cry if he felt like it. Austin said he didn't want the police officer to see him crying! Austin's a little on edge, but not so much that it is interfering with his fun!

Riley seems to be having a blast! She's been on the go with anyone who will take her anywhere with them! She and daddy went looking for crabs last night in the dark with a lantern! And she and I went to the pool alone for awhile yesterday afternoon.

The boys are back now, so it's time for the beach! I'll try to check in tomorrow morning!

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Jan said...

Sounds like your having a great time!! Hope Reece gets to enjoy herself too.
YEAH! So glad you made it there safely!