Monday, September 24, 2007


Today I was determined to do what I could for some handicrafts for the kids! :) Yes, I'm trying to learn more about a Charlotte Mason approach to education and how to apply that to our lives and RDI lifestyle. What I can understand about handicrafts is that it is supposed to be something useful... thus ruling out perler beads?

There is one important problem with me and handicrafts: I do not KNOW any handicrafts. Last winter I taught Riley how to cross-stitch and latch hook. Thus ends my handicrafts experience.

But we had a few practical things to attack today - Daddy's favorite shirt was missing a button, and Reece's bean bag chair had a hole in it. I got the sewing box off the top of my closet, dusted it off, dug deep and found a needle and thread. I showed Riley how to fix the button, and Reece and I tackled the hole in the bean bag chair! When we were finished, Riley asked if she could take a scrap of fabric from the box and sew buttons on it. I said sure and she sewed a few on by herself.

Austin's activity was not so much practical. I bought a little Lego Car kit and we built a racecar together. We actually did it! I gave alot of the guidance, but that's OK for this time! I want to buy more of these kits, and hopefully he will one day be able to do them by himself! Oh could I dream that he would actually like Legos one day??? :)

So, we actually did it! I even went into a fit of Martha Stewart and fixed the zipper in Austin's extra baseball pants! ;)

No idea what we'll do tomorrow though! LOL I'm a slow learner!


Jan said...

Very good!!!!! Wish I could get that motivated. LOL!

JamBerry said...

Well, if you use the perler beads to make xmas ornaments to give away at Christmas, that meets MY definition of 'useful.' Ditto for cross stitching little ornaments. And my dog used to use a large latch hook I made as a kid for her bed, so she thought that was useful too! :)
The one 'craft' that I just can't 'accept' is anything made with that 'craft foam' from China. Now THAT is useless junk!! (And wouldn't you know, that's what Jman wanted from the store a couple weeks ago--foam sheets and a bucket of foam letters. And I got them. And he started making SIGNS with them, spelling out requests for videos and computer games and staging them strategically around the house, the little stinker!)

lisaquing said...

Handicrafts is a great idea! The sewing definitely meets the criteria. Trying to think of some others....

JamBerry said...

What about woodworking? Even just whittling? Or maybe pottery or ceramics? Would they count? Or soap or candle making? You can get kits at the craft store to start out. Or maybe homemade greeting cards? You could even start a small business selling homemade cards or candles or something. Or, would handmade breadmaking count (as opposed to machine made bread)? Weaving or spinning would be options too! Or maybe wreath making! Make and sell them for Christmas!

The Glasers said...

If Riley likes to draw (and with some help from you), she might enjoy candlewicking. Pamela made sewed the animals at her page with French knots.

I think your off to a great start! I am liking The Toymaker, too!