Monday, September 17, 2007

Clever girl!

This morning we were all still in our 'beach vacation withdrawls' so I turned off the alarms and let everyone just sort of wake up when they could. Reece was the first to wake up, and she told me Austin was awake but still in bed, and Riley was still asleep. I was still in bed, but awake.

About 5 minutes later, Riley comes running to my doorway. She exclaimed, "When are D, B, and K coming???" I said, "Huh??" and she repeated, "Are D, B, and K coming today??" I was perplexed!

By this time, Reece was standing next to Riley giggling. She looked at me and said, "I just told her that to get her to wake up!" Riley stomped back off to bed, leaving me and Reece laughing our heads off!!

Now, don't think I'm a mean, terrible mom! Riley has been known to work some magical manipulations on Reece to get things in her favor (like which movie they want to watch for movie day or what to play or what dress up clothes to wear), so it was nice to see Reece working a little magic of her own! :)

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