Saturday, September 29, 2007


You know, I had planned to come here today and announce that we wouldn't be changing to Ambleside for 2 more weeks because I wasn't ready. But I have changed my mind. The reason that I am not feeling ready is because of my tendency for perfectionism. I don't have all of the books, I don't have everything laid out and divided up, and decided upon. Everything doesn't feel perfect.

But we're going to start anyway, with what we have, and with as much as I can figure out before Monday. It will be a work in progress. It will be messy. It will possibly be a little chaotic. Dare I say it: it will be dynamic.

It's going to be a change for all of us. A big change. It's going to be different. It's not going to be traditional. There won't be any workbook pages and worksheets to file neatly into the folders to 'prove' that I homeschooled (except for math lol). Narration is going to be a challenge. I'm not saying it will be easy for any of us! :)

But this is a real-life example of what I'm trying to accomplish through RDI. Austin is a perfectionist, and I see Reece heading there quite quickly. Whether it is an offshoot of their autism, or whether it is an example of "Like Mother, Like Son/Daughter", or whether it is a little of both, I do not know. But this coming week I am going to model to my children that you can try something you are nervous about, that isn't perfectly ready to do, and it will work out OK and you can fix anything that doesn't go right the first time. That's about as good of an example of RDI Lifestyle that I can think of for myself personally! :)

Hmmm, maybe I need to print this out and carry it with me all week? LOL

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Jennifer, way to go to step out in faith. It is HARD to do things out of our comfort realm and I am proud of you. Ambleside reading is harder than most, don't feel badly if you decide you need to back up to an earlier year. We found even the first year very challenging. But I dont do much of their reading anymore for that reason. But we do use Narration and copywork and living books and it works very well with RDI YEA
for being dynamic!! Rhonda

Niffercoo said...

Thanks, Rhonda! One of the reasons I'm not rushing out to buy any of the books is for the reason you mentioned... we may find year 3 to be too difficult and have to back up, at least for Austin. I'm hoping that it will work out OK, because we did Hillyer's Child's History of the World last year, which is used alot in the early years, and my kids understood it quite well. Either way, I'm prepared to be flexible in either going back a year, or taking more time to work through Year 3. :) Wish me luck! Jen

The Glasers said...

Hurray!!! I know how much you love change, Jennifer. . . :-P

I think RDI-thinking will help you with narrations. The key is to help your kids read to know and your role is to see what they know and that they know. There is no "correct narration" and the beauty of having Riley and Austin together is that each will have their own style and memory of a passage.

I made the mistake of expecting too much and correcting too much. Often, all I need to do is make a declarative statement like "I think there was something about an airplane" and that is usually enough to jog their memory. If not, anything important is usually brought out later, except for Harry Potter books. Those books leave hidden clues, which are only caught at the end of the book and the second time around!