Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Busy days

We've had quite a busy week this week! Tuesday evening, my dh played at a coffee club with his band. They played a few popular praise and worship songs that you might hear on the radio or during a contemporary worship service. Then he went into his original tunes! :)

Sorry about the fuzzy quality... it was so dark!

He not only plays guitar and keyboard, shown below.... he also plays Mandolin! :) Oh, and this is the shirt that Riley sewed the button onto!
Some buddies from the ball team came to see their coach play some music! They were so excited, and they had a great time! Austin really impressed me with his ability to stay focused with the boys and being a part of the group.

We got home around 10 PM, and tried to settle down to sleep! We woke up slowly this morning, and the kids played outside until it was lunchtime! They kept coming back inside asking, "How much longer do we have to stay outside?" LOL I think they are about as tired of the 'No Formal School" experiment as I am!
This afternoon Reece participated in the play research study at GA Tech. She really enjoyed herself and played very well for over an hour! However, it really wiped out our entire afternoon and evening. I don't think we'll be doing this again for that fact. And the big kids were really bored.
I guess I need to get some sleep! Tomorrow is another busy day with an appt. to the ENT for Reece, and a ball game for Austin in the evening!


lisaquing said...

Whew!! That is a busy schedule! How cool that kids from the team came to hear Russ's band.

(I do not know why, but your blog NEVER lets me comment the first time. I ALWAYS have to type the stupid word recognition thing a second time - different word, of course.)

Niffercoo said...

Sorry that the comment thing is being picky with you! It just happened to me over on Tammy's blog, but I don't know why it might do that! :(