Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Too much thinking

Reece: Sunday she attended my Sunday School class with me. She had attempted her own SS class/children's church the first week of August with disastrous results. I was with her, and it was just not geared for a child with her needs. It took several days for her to recover. My teacher suggested bringing her along with me, so at least I could come back to class. Reece did very well, all things considered. The neatest thing she did was to look over at me before drew on the white board in the room. She was checking to make sure it was OK first! :)

Austin: Did well on Sunday with church, but had a rough day yesterday. I did not respond in the proper RDI manner, which just left me frustrated and feeling guilty. Today (Monday) has been much better. He overheard me giving Riley the placement test for Spelling Power, which just so happened to be the same placement test I had given him! He didn't freak out or anything, which was surprising.

As for me, I am struggling to focus on the positive. I'm just a few days into it, so I'm sure it will take more practice. I will tell you something I'm considering. Taking the month of September 'off school'. All of it. Sitting around in the living room, obviously no TV/computers/etc, seeing what we come up with. This house is full of books and games and fun things to do, and it seems like we rarely get to those things. Even with a lighter load, we still seem to have no time to just be. We work until lunch, eat, I read-aloud, have rest time, and then it's time for dance, or baseball. We aren't going to give up those things because they are so important to the kids. But the few times we have had the extra hour or so, Austin just paces around the house. He will come over and kiss me or give me a hug, but he just doesn't know what to do. . He just doesn't do them. And maybe it would help me to see that learning will go on without 'school'. Or maybe it will prove to me that it won't! LOL

Or maybe we won't do the whole month of September. I chose it because we will lose a week in Sept. for our beach vacation anyway. Maybe we'll just do the week before we go, or the week when we get back. I am not sure. It's an experiment that I'm very close to attempting. I guess I'll have to decide by the weekend, since next week is September!

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lisaquing said...

I didn't realize you were using Spelling Power! I like your idea about taking time off "school" and just learning to "be"!