Friday, August 10, 2007

Something very big and exciting I forgot!

I need to mention this very important piece of news! I can't believe I forgot it!

We started the Scripture Memory Box last week on our first day of school. Austin and Riley know a ton of verses from being in AWANA for the last 5 years. Since we couldn't fit AWANA into our RDI goals, I thought this way to learn scripture would be good for all of us. I started us off with only 3 verses - John 3:16 behind the daily tab; Genesis 1:1 behind the even tab; and the Lords' Prayer behind the odd tab.

So we've been working on the verses for 10 days now, and Reece knows all of Genesis 1:1, and nearly all of John 3:16! She can't really recite them that well, yet, but she is familiar with both of them and joins us in certain parts! That is just amazing to me! It's no pressure, like AWANA would have been, and she likes to be included with us! I'm going to add a few more verses we already know, as a refresher, as we fill in our box!

I'm just so glad to see Reece starting to learn some scripture for herself now!

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The Glasers said...

WOW that is phenomenal about Reece being able to memorize scripture effortlessly!

It tells me that Pamela really does have aphasia--she can only memorize things if we have her do it multi-sensory (copy, hear, hear and write, study, etc.).