Thursday, August 30, 2007

It's Thursday already?

We spent the afternoon at the pool again... tomorrow is the last weekday the outdoor pools are open for the summer! I will be sad to see the pool season end. This has been a remarkable summer. I will definitely be keeping everyone active at the indoor pool over the winter when we can! It has been so pleasant!

1. Austin had his first 'daily test' with Spelling Power today, and he actually loved it. There were 2 words in the list that he wasn't 100% confident about, and he asked to move those directly to his study list. That was all his missed, so he just had those 2 to study. He did really well! He wasn't fond of the corn starch used for the 'texture' so if anyone can suggest an alternative texture that doesn't get all over him, that would be great!

2. Reece has been a little more off recently. We've been so busy though, and that directly affects her. If she didn't have so much fun at the pool, it wouldn't be worth it! She had storytime at the library today, though, and she did VERY well. The theme was monkeys, and we've been reading and discussing Caps for Sale, so she is really excited about monkeys. She paid attention during storytime, and she was really engaged with the activities. She didn't mind being around the kids, and the commotion (most of the kids at storytime are several years younger).


lisaquing said...

Glad he liked Spelling Power! How about finegrained sandpaper for the texture? Or some fabric with a texture, like corduroy? I know the cornstarch has the advantage of seeing the word spelled out, but my kids just trace the word on the table for the texture and it works fine for them.

Niffercoo said...

Those are great ideas, Lisa! Thanks for the options!