Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Forgot today's positive notes

1. Reece really interacted with the little girls in her dance classes. One of them was talking about Ariel (the Little Mermaid), and Reece ran over and got her Crocs to show the girls that she has Ariel on her Crocs. The little girls were quite impressed. She also showed them that her tooth is out.

2. Austin had a great time while the girls had dance classes. He sought out the big brother of one of the girls in Reece’s class (who he knows from the baseball league). This boy was excited to see Austin, too. They went off and played in the gym together, and Austin had said “Let’s have the ______-_____(the boys' last names) Homerun Derby”. The boy had to run an errand with his mom, and he brought Austin a bottled water when he returned. Austin was very gracious about it, and thanked the boy and his mom.

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