Saturday, August 25, 2007

A busy Saturday

DH took the kids down to his hometown in middle-south Georgia because it's his school reunion. Not just his class reunion, but the reunion for the entire school. That's because my dh graduated in a class of 23!! That boggles my mind... we surely come from totally different upbringings! I graduated in a class of around 300, but I don't consider that to be my class because we moved to SC a few weeks before my senior year. The school in OK that I considered to be my class had well over 1,000 students in each grade!

Anyway, DH's sister and her husband are in town from CA for the reunion and also to drop my oldest nephew off at college (ACK How did that happen??? He was one of my ring bearers and he was about the age Reece is now. Is this really how fast time goes by?). A number of DH's friends also stopped by his mom's house to say hello! He didn't go to any of the activities, because even the family-friendly ones would be too much for certain 1 or 2 of our kids. But it was good that the kids were able to still see a few of DH's best friends.

Dh gives this report about the kids:
1. Austin handled going out to lunch really well. Sometimes he gets disturbed at restaurants that he isn't used to, because of the unexpected. He ordered something different, which is also a biggie! This particular restaurant (a childhood favorite of dh's, not a chain) is very, very noisy! Austin handled himself quite well, excusing himself to go to the bathroom for a break when he needed it. He did it quietly and without drawing attention to himself.

2. Reece did well, also. She apparently followed my SIL around for a good bit of the time they were there, which is sweet. And she hugged and sat on the lap of everyone who stopped by to visit. That's not exactly a positive, since it's one of the things we're hoping to work on with her (developing a healthy fear of strangers). However, it worked for the situation that they were in. She was good at the restaurant, and the noise didn't appear to bother her too badly. She's been having a rough time since they've been home, but that's to be expected considering all she's done today.

3. Riley (OK, so she's not exactly the focus of this stuff, but it feels strange to leave her out! LOL) was in her element with all of the attention and meeting new people. DH says he actually had the most challenge with her behavior today. She just tends to try to entertain everyone and doesn't know when to settle it down a notch or two when she starts to get on folks' nerves.

As for me, I got my hair trimmed while they were gone. I think this is the first time ever I have had 2 haircuts within 2 months! It's so cool! I also did a little bit of shopping. I did some copying for school at Staples, and while I was there I found the little 8x5 sheet protectors for the Veritas Press history cards. It was a bit disturbing, how excited I was to find these! I couldn't wait to get home and put the cards in the protectors and the protectors into the binder I had purchased! I need to get another binder for the 1815-Present set. Now the kids will be able to look at the cards anytime they want to, without worrying about getting them messed up.

Tonight Dh and Riley are having a 'date night' and Austin and I will video some RDI. Reece will be on the computer while we tape, because that keeps her entertained. I just have to remember to do some n0n-computer stuff with her before bed so she will fall asleep!

Can you believe this is the last weekend of August already? It's going to be fall before we realize it! I love fall!

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