Wednesday, August 08, 2007

The 1st Key

After yesterday's somewhat disappointing reading experience, I got out the 7 Keys to Comprehension and decided that it was time to put this into action. I have been reading the book for the last few weeks, and have really enjoyed it. It reminds me alot of RDI, and I think I actually learned about the book from the RDI Homeschoolers loop. And since it was here, I decided to jump out of the theory section and into the first Key.

The first key is Creating Mental/Sensory Images. This was very interesting to me, because the premise is that good readers have mental pictures or video running through their heads as they read. I know this is very true for me, but my friend Lisa told me once that it doesn't happen when she reads. She is probably one of the most voracious adult readers I know! Anyway, I read through the chapter on the 1st key, made some notes, and that's what Austin and I worked on today.

I read him a section of his Pedro's Journal book, which he has been reading since the first day of school. I asked him to close his eyes, and then I told him what I saw in MY head. He then told me what he saw without any prompting. We talked a bit about what it means to see the stuff you are reading in your head, and what we should do if that ever stops (checking for the elusive comprehension that he seems to struggle with). Then I also told him he could act out what he sees in his head, and so he did that as well. It was really wonderful to see him being able to take a paragraph and maybe not tell me exactly what happened, but to descibe what he saw.

Riley overheard us talking about it and she came to tell me that she always sees the story in her head, too. That doesn't surprise me, but I'm going to be more diligent about talking to her about it more.

Reece overheard us as well, and came to tell me that the movie in HER head was that she snapped her fingers and the whole room cleaned itself. Ok, so it's not something she's read about, but at least she's listening to what I'm saying! LOL

I guess we'll work through these Keys, and see what happens. In just the overview, some of it reminds me of Tammy's chart that she uses with her daughter, which I had been meaning to incorporate as well! So maybe I'll be accomplishing two things at once? That would sure be nice!


lisaquing said...

ROFL at Reece! I wanna be Mary Poppins too! I think you found a great way to work systematically through the comprehension issue. Can you link to my homeschool blog instead of my private one? I am going to look for the 7 Keys book. Have a great day! We are going to try for the beach.

Niffercoo said...

Hey, Lisa! I got that link changed for you. I found the 7 keys book at the library, so you may check yours or Inter-library loan. I'm trying to decide if it's a book I would like to own, esp. since it's not terribly expensive. Hope you have fun at the beach! We've been in for 3 days now, because of heat advisories, hazardous weather advisories, and red level smog alerts. :( It's nastier than I've seen it here in a number of years.

The Glasers said...

I will put the book on my list of books to find (our library loan program is sub-par).

I am not sure I agree with the first key. On my Aut-2B-Home email list, we have discussed people who think in words versus people who think in pictures. It is about an even split. I think in words and have a hard time thinking in pictures (unless I see the movie, then I can fill in the pictures). Yet, I got A's in every English course I took in high school and college. I would call myself a voracious (but picky) reader.

Pamela has told me that she sees pictures, but her problem is translating the words into pictures.

Austin might be both visual and kinesthetic because ohe immediately thought of acting something out. I think it is great that he can make pictures in his mind from words. Maybe, what you said earlier is true: his problem could be expressing what he sees!