Thursday, July 12, 2007

You did what??

Note: there will eventually be 3 posts tonight... I have alot to catch up with, but tonight I have got to give some attention to my messy house! In a flylady fashion, I'll be posting, then cleaning, then posting! :)

We did Sun and Fun this evening, rather than this morning. This morning we needed groceries and haircuts for 2/3 of the children. Austin drew "Drill Sheet- Multiplication" out of the bag, and I printed him off a simple 20 problems. When it came time to check his answers, I decided to mark the ones correct with a checkmark, rather than the other way around. This is something that I read about in Jr. Analytical Grammar! :)

I was quite disturbed to see that Austin missed 4 out of the 20. He knows his times tables quite well. But I hid my dismay, checked the ones correct and said, "There are a few to look at." Earlier this week, and 2 days last week, this was met with a resounding meltdown and tearing up of the paper. I have been handling it all with the methods from The Explosive Child, but it literally was requiring so much of me emotionally, I wasn't sure I could handle many more of these sessions. And tonight, Daddy was home, and he just does not handle melting down very well.

So you can imagine my utter shock when Austin replied, "I got those wrong on purpose. I wanted to practice what it is like getting something wrong."

To which I immediately replied, in my best RDI/Explosive Child/professional/experienced homeschool mama/teacher with a degree in Early Childhood Education:

"You did what??" LOL

He repeated himself, with a grin on his face. I was able to then pull it together, and told him that it was a a great idea! Daddy and I bot did lots of positive declarative language and let Austin know how proud we are of him. We also tried to make sure he connected the fact that he got 4 wrong and nothing bad happened! Nobody was mad at him, we didn't cry, get upset, or anything bad at all.

It was a great thing, and I'm so proud of HIM for coming up with it! What great thinking! :)

OK, off to clean!!

Edited to add: I have noticed him asking me numerous times a day what a word means. This is new, too! Pretty cool!

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lisaquing said...

What an awesome plan Austin had!