Tuesday, July 31, 2007

A timely quote

The following quote was found today in my RDI program newsletter (Dr. Gutstein is the developer of the RDI program), and it really speaks to the struggles I've had about our focus on school and how to balance RDI and academics:

Dr. Gutstein Quotable

"By having school take up all the the child's emotional and attentional resources we leave nothing for the most critical objective. What we know is that unless we directly address the core areas of Autism Spectrum Disorder, the prognosis for quality of life is very poor. Imagine if we were talking about cancer and someone said they were so busy with homework they had no time for chemotherapy."

It gives me alot to think about. I can't really dwell on it right now, because I have to get supper started, but I will come back to this later as it is a major theme for our school year.

Why is it so hard to let go of the focus on academics? Am I scared of having empty time because Austin doesn't play? Am I scared at his reaction about change and not having a filled-in assignment sheet? Am I scared because Reece melts down at the mention of school, but then comes and begs to sit at her desk and do school? Am I scared because I feel like it would be neglecting Riley's education to let go of an academic focus for her, but if I keep her focus strong she will be upset at being the only one to have lots of academics?

Nah, that couldn't be it. ;)

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lisaquing said...

That's a great quote! I have a couple quotes I plan to put on my homeschool blog shortly.