Monday, July 02, 2007

Presents from Delaware

One of my husband's best friends is a Nascar fanatic! Not only is he a Nascar fanatic, but he and his wife have no children, which gives them the freedom and finances to fly all over the country attending Nascar races! They went to the Autism Speaks 400 in Dover, Delaware in June of this year, and brought home a souvenir for Austin -- a tshirt from the race:

Austin immediately put the shirt on and has had in on since! This is really something special, because Austin never uses or wears anything new! He will have toys from Christmas still in their boxes when his birthday rolls around in May! It's not that he doesn't like new things... they are just, well, 'new' (different, a change, etc). It makes me wonder if this is an RDI inspired thing!

(And my goodness... Austin's looking more grown up every day! He's really changing now as well!)

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