Thursday, July 12, 2007

One less thing for the consignment sale

Note: there is another new post right after this one! I'm catching up tonight for the whole week, so don't forget to scroll down!

I sell at the big consignment sale twice a year. It's coming up again next month, and I'm starting to gather items. When my mom came to see Harry Potter with us, she brought a Little Tikes table and chair set that she had at her house. When Austin was a baby/toddler, we used to go to her house in SC once a month at least. She had lots of stuff there all set up for him, so we didn't have to pack alot! Well, as Austin got older, and Riley came along, it got harder to get to SC on a regular basis. And then when Reece came along and screamed nonstop in her car seat for nearly 3 years, we rarely went at all. It's been a year since I've been there. Mom has finally decided that it's not really necessary to keep all that stuff around! :)

So she brought the table and chairs for me to sell at the sale! Little Tikes sells very well! Reece went outside with mom when she was bringing the table in. When she saw it, Reece exclaimed, "OH NANA! You bought me a school desk!!" (Reece has been dismayed that she doesn't have a school desk like Austin and Riley. I didn't feel she needed one for K, and was planning to give her Austin's desk next year when he moves to a bigger desk in his room for 'middle school'). Anyway, Reece was SO excited, mom didn't know what to say!

So she comes back in the house all excited... and says, "Mommy! I know exactly where it should go!" and she goes over to the space near the window in the kitchen, between Austin and Riley's desks! Then she sits down and says, "I want to do school work right now!" and shoots us this look:

OK, so you tell me... would YOU tell this girl she doesn't need a desk, and you're planning to sell this one at the sale?

Yeah, I didn't think so either! LOL


lisaquing said...

TOO CUTE! WTG Reece, now you have your own desk too!

Jan said...

YEAH!!! She is happy and has her own desk!!! perfect!