Monday, July 30, 2007

The Home Stretch

OK, just a few more days until our first day of school! And things are really falling into place, as far as planning is concerned! I spent this morning doing intense cleaning in the kitchen/school room. It looks so much better! I just have a few plans for history to complete. It's hard to keep it simple... I want to add this book and this DVD and this resource. I have to remind myself of my goals, yet again, and also accept the fact that we cannot read every single book on American History this year! LOL

I also need to organize science, but that shouldn't take very long!

Tomorrow we'll finish cleaning and then go play with the little boy who did speech therapy with Reece a few years ago. We haven't seen them in about 15 months, and they have a new baby, so you know my kids are gonna love it!

Wednesday, we'll go to get our folders for school, mail the letter of intent, and hit the library!

And then Thursday is the first day of school! :)

I think it's actually going to be ok!

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