Thursday, July 12, 2007

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

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We had an absolutely wonderful time at the movie! Mom, Riley, and I left around 10:30 to get in line for the midnight show. Mom took some pictures before we went inside and you'll see those below! Riley wore Austin's Harry Potter robes, and carried the Golden Snitch (an important part of the game of Quidditch in the Wizarding world! LOL). She was so excited!

I was glad that we got there when we did, because there was no line. They were already seating the theater! We got the last of the 'good seats'! Riley played her gameboy while we waited, and about 30 minutes before the show, mom took her to the bathroom and concession stand. They came back to our seats with enough junk food to keep all of our dentists vacationing for the rest of the decade!

Our experience was only marred slightly by a rude teenage girl who sat next to my mom and text-messaged through the first half of the movie! Finally, about a dozen or so of us yelled at her to turn off her phone. I couldn't believe you would come to a midnight movie, and then TM the entire time. UGH.

We all loved the movie! There were some parts that I missed, but that's unavoidable! That book is huge, and there is no way you can include everything. Also, JK Rowling is such a wonderful author, that you cannot replicate that into movie form! :) Riley stayed up for the whole movie, though she did spend about the last hour snuggled next to my mom. We got home at 3 AM, and Riley was still awake... talking our heads off about the parts she loved, the parts from the book that she missed, and just about HP in general. It was SO much fun, and I'm so glad my mom could be part of it! (She was the one who got ME into HP when she asked me a few years ago why the kids couldn't read them! I told her I'd have to read them myself first, and when I did, I was hooked!)

Here are the pics:

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The Glasers said...

Hi, Jennifer,

We are "holding out" until a nephew from Central Amercia arrives for a visit. Riley might enjoy a book that J. K. Rowling did as a child: The Little White Horse. It has the very tight plot that impresses Rowling (and symbolism for those who pick up on that).