Sunday, July 15, 2007

Fun with Nana and Papa, Part 1

Papa has been promising Austin a fishing trip for ages and ages, and this weekend he was able to deliver. They tried to fish yesterday (Saturday) but the rain dampened their efforts. So Papa and Austin got up at 7 AM today (Sunday) and went back out to the lake. This time, Austin was able to catch his very first fish... and he did it all by himself!

Here is the fish... it's a 1 pound catfish. Yeah, they did weigh it. This lake is a 'catch and release' lake so they sent the little guy back on his way:
***Fun with Nana and Papa, Part 2 was this afternoon: going to a Braves game again! It poured nearly the entire morning, and we took ponchos expecting to get soaking wet, but the weather held out. The game was fantastic, and we all had a good time (well, maybe not Reece... she's in another cycle of not sleeping so she was tired). Because of the potential for rain, we didn't take cameras for pictures. Be sure to look back tomorrow afternoon/evening for the post "Fun with Nana and Papa, Part 3! ;)

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