Tuesday, July 10, 2007

A few updates

1. Less than 14 hours until my mom, Riley, and I go to see the premiere of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix tonight! Mom is coming into town after work tonight. I am so excited, and it's hard to concentrate on anything else!

2. I decided to let the girls take tap and/or jazz classes this year. I signed them up yesterday. We'll see how it goes for this year, as far as time. If we need to drop it then we can!

3. I still have not decided about AWANA for this coming year. It boils down to time and how worthwhile I feel AWANA is for my children. I would have to stay with Reece to shadow her, which is not a big deal I guess, but just not something I really want to do. Also, since moving up to Truth&Training, Austin has felt that he's "dumb" in AWANA. He loved Sparks because it was all memorization, and he shines with that. But T&T is different... lots of questions to answer and little projects to do. It's very hard for him. I'm not sure he needs more exposure to things that make him feel dumb. Riley would miss seeing her friends there, but she's got plenty of extra-curriculars with dance and choir. My options for AWANA would be to keep going to this church, not go at all, or switch everyone to the church we used to go to for AWANA (and where we do baseball, choir, and respite), where they have special needs classes.

4. School plans are coming along nicely. Mostly I am now trying to really solidify in my brain how I need to make our homeschool more RDI-friendly and about relationships. Also, trying to figure out how to change this for Austin without causing him more stress. He is very used to having an assignment sheet and focusing on marking off the boxes.

5. Austin's been having a meltdown as I'm typing because he missed 2 out of 20 on his division drill sheet. This is par for the course... I can count 3 meltdowns like this in the last week. One because he missed 2/100, one because he missed 1/100, and this one today. The first 2 times he actually tore up the paper he was working on. I have the current paper under my laptop so he can't get it. This is so frustrating. I'm not giving him anything that's too hard ... missing 1 or 2 is just not a big deal. I cannot get him to believe that! I am trying so hard to be patient and understanding, and implementing the ideas from The Explosive Child. It's completely draining.

6. Reece has read 2 more books since I posted the video: another Bob book and an early phonics reader from the Calvert K program a friend gave me. I am trying to keep it very low-key and RDI-like, at least I hope I am. She was nervous before we started yesterday but I gave her as much help as she needed, and we laughed about the funny pictures in the story. I want to keep all of this in her "Zone of Proximal Development"! I've certainly learned my lessons from Austin!

Well, that's about it for updates! I need to go be productive, if that's possible when I'm so excited! :) I'll post pictures from our movie night whenever I wake up tomorrow!


lisaquing said...

I'd skip AWANA if it won't work well for Reece, if it makes Austin feel dumb, and if Riley can get what she needs elsewhere. OR do it at the church where they understand special needs. And, by the way, what do they offer there on Sunday mornings? I'm sorry it's been so hard for Austin. What does the RDI stuff say about the meltdowns? You've moved past the point where I can give you any helpful encouragement. So glad Reece is doing well with reading. I am looking forward to Suzy reading her Bob books!

lisaquing said...

OK, I re-read what I wrote. I think maybe what I said about "moving past the point" might be misconstrued. I simply meant that I don't know anything about RDI, so my suggestions might not be so helpful. Hope that's clearer!