Tuesday, July 31, 2007

A blast from the past!

When my dh and I met, he was a professional musician in a country music band! He did that up until Austin was born, when he didn't want to be gone for months out of the year. We still try to keep up with the folks from the band, including the lead singer who has gone on to be a performer in Branson, MO. Imagine our surprise to see a familiar face among the pictures on her website!!

Here is a picture of my dh actually on our honeymoon, 1994! They had a gig in Myrtle Beach (SC, not NC!), and they opened for Delbert McClinton. My dh is on the left! Now you can understand why I fell for him, huh?? I'll have to look around for pics of him in his cowboy hat! ;)
Here's another one...not exactly sure when this one was. I'll have to check with dh and see if he can remember! Again, my dh is on the left! He's quite obviously the most handsome one in the picture! :) There's something about a guy with a mullet!!

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