Monday, July 23, 2007

Ahhh, deep breath!

OK, I'm feeling much better! After supper last night, I barricaded myself in the bedroom and started some active planning for this coming year! Once I got down to business, the situation wasn't as desperate as I had thought it was going to be, which is a nice feeling.

However, I keep falling back into old ways, pushing hard into academic goals, when my goals for this school year are more to do with RDI, relationship, and apprenticeship in thinking and learning. I'm going to have to basically redo some of what I worked on last night, because it does not line up with these goals. ARGH! I woke up in the middle of the night last night with that on my mind, so I made some notes for myself, and that will help me get my focus back. I hope! :)

I did get poetry goals set up, which is nice! Riley's poetry will come from First Language Lessons, Level 3. Austin will learn some poems from Robert Frost, and then if he gets bored with that we'll move on. We're also going to work on memorizing the more famous documents in American history, to go along with our studies.

I am pretty certain that we're going to drop AWANA. I spoke with Austin last night about it, and the only thing that was keeping him from wanting to drop it was missing one of his friends who he only gets to see at AWANA. However, we're not sure that friend will be at AWANA at all this year, as he is playing football. I assured Austin that we could get together with his friend at other times, and if we did that, would AWANA be so important. He said no, he really doesn't like AWANA anymore. :( (Not that Riley's imput is not important, but she will be taking 3 dance classes and choir this year... her social calendar is quite full! LOL)

If we do drop AWANA, then I will set up the Scripture Memory System from , however, I am really at a loss for which verses to put in there. I do have a handout from a workshop I went to on the Memory system, so I'll start there. I guess it will just have to be a 'dynamic system' and we'll just let it move forward and wait for God to send me the verses! :)

OK, time to get back to the kids! I'll be working again on lessons tonight... hopefully I'll do a better job of keeping my focus on my goals so I don't waste time!


lisaquing said...

Progress! And WTG for realizing that you needed to tweak some of it.

A list of some good verses to memorize can be found at:

A bunch of scripture memory links:

Jan said...

Very good!! Of course, I'm feeling totally behind!! LOL!