Sunday, July 01, 2007

2007/2008 (so far)

Here are the plans for this year, as they stand right now. I am still working on the new pacing style, and exactly how this will affect us, but here is what I have together so far:

Austin - 5th grade
Riley - 3rd grade
Reece- K5

Austin- Finish MathUSee Delta/begin Epsilon, Singapore Math Challenging Word Problems 3
Riley - Singapore Primary Mathematics 3A/3B, CWP 2
Reece - Finish Calvert Math K, unsure of what we'll do after this

Austin - Reading list from Calvert's 5th grade program
Riley - Reading list of good children's literature
Reece - Bob books and other early readers as she can

Austin - Sonlight Diamond Notes program (ties writing a paragraph to a baseball diamond-- how perfect is that?? LOL), Narration
Riley - Copywork/Dictation/Narration
Reece - Copywork

We'll focus on American History this year. I am going to use primarily quality children's literature. I think I will add in the DK Children's Encyclopedia of American History for Austin since he likes that format.

We'll finish reading through Apologia's Elementary Botany, with little pressure for anything additional. I want to cover the human body, and we'll do that with library books, games, and fun stuff.

Austin- possibly Junior Analytical Grammar (I had already planned to do this with Austin, and if we spread it out over the year, it will literally take 5 minutes a day, if that. It's designed to be a 10 week program)
Riley - First Language Lessons, Level 3
Reece - Just kidding ;)

Austin - Not sure if I'll have him do formal spelling
Riley - Spelling Power, if we do formal spelling with her
Reece - I'd like her to learn how to spell her last name since she can do her first name! LOL

So basically we're dropping Latin, Vocabulary, possibly spelling and grammar for Austin, and the heavy load I had planned for history and science. I'll keep the focus in those 2 areas to listening to quality children's literature, and retelling (narration) what they remember. The literature lists I will assign are going to be cut dramatically, allowing more free time for reading anything that's interesting. I may start Riley on First Year French from Memoria Press, but I'd really like to see how others like it before I purchase, since it's new.

This should free up time for RDI, games, etc. but mostly I'm hoping it will help us have a slower pace in our day, so we're not rushing 'trying to get it all done'. I want to allow time for thinking, processing, relating, and reflecting on what we're learning.

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Anonymous said...

Jennifer, bravo, I think you will find you have still done a great job of incorporating enough to make him feel competent and increase his RDI skills at the same time. Not to mention giving you some time to process these changes yourself Congratulations on the hard decision you came to!