Saturday, June 09, 2007

RDA 5, Respite, Random Ramblings

I am tired. T-I-R-E-D. I'm going to attempt to blog. It's not going to make any sense. I'm just going to start typing:

1. RDA 5 was yesterday for Austin and today for Reece. It went much better than last Saturday, but it is still not at all natural for me! Austin likes it more than Reece does. I need to find something that is engaging enough for her to be willing to let me guide her! We'll meet with our consultant on Wednesday to develop 'the plan'.

2. Respite was tonight. DH and I were so tired, we got a DVD from Blockbuster and went HOME for our night out this month! We watched Casino Royale... loved it! Wish I would have seen it on the big screen!

3. Had an All-Star scrimmage today... it was 90 something degrees and there were a few places I neglected to cover with sunscreen. Ouch. We won't do All-Stars again. Just not our style.

4. I'm so glad we bought these swimming pool passes! We've been 3 times so far and it's just delightful. On Thursday, Reece asked me to take her into the deep water. ASKED for it! She jumped in from the side of the pool, from a seated position. This is huge! She is still putting her head under completely! FUN FUN FUN!

5. VBS was wonderful! I am never disappointed with VBS at that church (the one where Reece went to preschool). Next time, someone needs to remind me not to schedule 4 RDA appointments the same week as VBS! ;)

6. ITBS scores are back in and I couldn't be more pleased! Riley did very well, as I expected. Austin made about a year of progress in all areas, and in some areas he made much more progress! The only area that stayed the same was reading comprehension, which I know trips him up because of the nature of his ASD. Spelling still continues to be his only 'at grade level' subject which is hysterical because, yet again, we never found our groove with it this school year! LOL

7. Used Curriculum Sale today: I sold slightly over $100 worth of old books! YEE HAW! I bought $11 worth so I ended up with a tidy profit. :) I plan to buy some more of the noise cancelling headphones, since the kids fight over them! LOL

OK, that's it from me! :)

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Lisa said...

Glad you were able to take advantage of respite care and I knew you would like Casino Royale. Also pleased to hear that the RDA stuff is working out better and that the test scores showed progress. Miss you!!!