Friday, June 15, 2007

"The Plan"

Our appointment on Wednesday went very well! We started out by watching some video clips of us interacting with the kids during the previous RDA sessions. That was very good because we got to see the parts where things went wrong during RDA 3, and how we handled it differently in RDA 5. That was very helpful! We spent most of our time doing that, talking about the kids' strengths and weaknesses, as well as our own.

Then she told us we would be starting out by working on Parent Objectives, which I was pretty sure would happen. She gave us 4-5 for each child, and I'm going to attempt to write them out here in my own words, to help me cement them in my brain! The verbage from the RDI program is very confusing!

Parent Objectives with Reece (stage of co-regulation):
1. We will learn how to regulate our emotions during interactions with Reece. Things like not getting upset when she gets upset. Being a "thermostat, rather than a thermometer" in the words of my friend Sonya (
2. We will learn how to establish patterns, and then introduce subtle variations in those patterns in our interactions.
3. We will eliminate our attempts to 'get', 'obtain', or 'extract' a response from Reece (and from Austin really). We will instead provide invitations for experience sharing. We will use mostly experience-sharing communication.
4. We will accurately evaluate our communication and pacing and develop ways to modify that during our interactions. (See #3 above)
5. We will initiate co-regulatory activities, and evaluate the initial successes and what we can do to keep the co-regulation going.

Parent Objectives with Austin (stage of guided participation):
1. We will use greater broadband communication in our everyday life (Wow!, Cool!, and other noises that are just totally not in the range of normal for how I go about my day! LOL)
2. We will understand that it is not the activity that is the focal point, but the interaction and relationship-building that goes on during the activity that is important.
3. We will make sure Austin has a competent role in each activity, while maintaining appropriate control over the activity.
4. We will learn how to 'spotlight' the objective that we are working on during an activity.

Our schedule will be to send a video of one child in, then the next week we'll go to the office to discuss that child. We'll alternate children, so each month, we'll have a video of one child and an office visit to discuss that child. Even if we had the money, I don't think we could handle the pace of doing a video/appointment for each child every 2 weeks. We start by having a video of Austin to her by next Friday (a week from today) which means we have to mail it by Wednesday. And we have to fill out a form to send with the video, which means we have to watch it in it's entirety before we can mail it. So that really means it has to be done by Monday, so we can watch it Tuesday night when we get back from the first All-Star game! Yikes!

Speaking of... I need to go do some video of Austin right now. :) I hope this post makes some sense! My brain is still really full of information. I'm still very much at the point where I sort of understand what I'm learning, but not well enough to explain it in 'regular' terms to other people! LOL

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Anonymous said...

Hi Jennifer--

Thank you for posting your experience with RDI. I find it fascinating. My son was diagnosed with Asperger's about a year ago and though that diagnosis has since been taken away, I have thought that RDI is a really interesting approach that makes a lot of sense.

I am so impressed with the way you are dealing with his whole AS thing. RDI sounds like a huge commitment. I think about your family a lot and I'm rooting for you!