Thursday, June 07, 2007

More about yesterday's appt.

This is just going to be one of those weeks when everything is so busy! VBS is going well, but we also have the RDI appointments and we've gone swimming in the afternoon. It's been nice though, but I'm glad this is the only VBS we're doing this summer and that the RDI assessment process is almost over!

As I mentioned yesterday, the appointment with our RDI consultant went very well. She had us do a few exersizes where we identified our spouse's strengths and identified our own struggles. When we got to our struggles, I told her very plainly about how I feel incompetent with RDI and how hard it is for me to do things when I feel like that. I am a strong perfectionist, and not the kind of perfectionism where it presses you on to try harder. The kind I have freezes me when I feel like I don't know what I'm doing or that I'm doing it wrong. She said that was very good information in helping her help me help the kids.

On to the kids now... she said that the information we got during RDA3 was excellent. We talked specifically about each child. She feels that the reason Reece melted down was that the activity we tried was just too lofty... that we need to move back a bit and try something easier. So what happened was that Reece got overwhelmed by the new item (Jello) and that made her uneasy. Then when she felt incompetent, she fell back to controlling the situation. When we didn't allow her to control the situation, she regressed to a meltdown. So the information was good. Reece really needs to work on the master/apprentice relationship. She is very controlling, so this is going to be very hard for her. She has good experience sharing, good facial gazing, and good regulation when she's feeling competent. Watching the video of her with our consultant showed how truly controlling she tries to be. And often she isn't engaging with the other person because she is so focused on controlling every step.

Austin's was a bit different. He has a harder time with regulation, and his anxiety/depression also gets in the way. I asked her if she felt the anxiety was something more than what typically comes with Aspergers and she said she isn't sure. That is something we'll be watching carefully. Hopefully, when his competence increases, the anxiety will decrease. I tend to think this will happen, because he is some composed on the ball field, where he feels competent. The troubles he has with regulation seem to come out of the blue... he'll be fine and regulated and then BOOM it will be gone and he'll be making weird noises or being wild with his actions. Our consultant wonders if there is a sensory component to that and I tend to agree. Man I wish we had gotten him sensory integration OT when he was little!! ARGH

Anyway, tomorrow Austin has his last part of the RDA and then Reece has hers on Saturday. I'm feeling much better about it! I've just got to be willing to engage in a M/A relationship with our consultant as much as I'm working on my children with it. And I've got to keep a feeling of competence as much as I can!

I will update more after the weekend. And I promise to get back to homeschooling posts soon!! This RDI stuff has just taken top billing in all things right now!

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