Friday, June 29, 2007


I know I promised to list out some of the curriculum I am planning to use this coming year, but I'm not quite sure I'll be able to do that right away! Right now on the yahoogroup I'm on for homeschoolers who are implementing an RDI program, I am being encouraged to shift my focus from academics for the next year or so. Instead, I would focus on implementing our RDI programs, and have some incidental learning taking place. I am not completely comfortable with this idea, but I am considering the implications of dropping some subjects and backing off on some expectations, to free up time for RDI implementation and planning. Also, this would allow us time to linger over the subject areas we keep intact.

So this is our anticipated subject listing, for grades 3 and 5:

Writing - Narration/Copywork/Dictation
Writing - Composition
Vocabulary (Austin only)
French (Riley only)
Spanish (Austin only)
Art History
Hands-On Art
Music appreciation

Reece's learning to read, learning to write, and learning about numbers.

Now, if I'm going to back down with academics... what goes? Do I really do this? Can someone guarantee me that it's all going to be OK in the long run? :) So this is where I'm at... with 34 days until school starts! LOL


Anonymous said...

This is what I would keep:

Minimal spelling
Farm out art and music (if possible) or do with minimal Mom time.

The rest of it can be put off. It will be ok. I really think so.

I just went through a paring down process myself. In addition to getting rid of whole subjects, I also tried to reduce the amount of non-worthwhile work within each subject (an example might be workbook pages for science). I had several moments of panic, and will probably have a few more before we start in the fall, but in general I feel quite peaceful about the decision, like a great weight has been lifted!

I totally understand your worry, but I think reducing the academic stuff is a great idea! Good luck!


The Glasers said...

Just remember! If you are using a Charlotte Mason philosophy, lessons are short--FIFTEEN minutes or less. Also, from a CM perspective, spelling is not required until a child is comfortable with copywork. Usually, after a year of copywork (assuming they can do it well without frustration), then they are ready for dictation, which will cover grammar, spelling, and punctuation all in one shot!

CM never used the word competence, but she emphasized keeping the lesson within the child's ability. If the child can only write one word neatly without stumbles, start with one word. In time, you can build that up as the child grows in confidence. I think that many aspects of CM are focused on competence!

The Glasers said...

Also, from a CM perspective, we do not do written composition until the child has had at least a year of oral narration! Oral narration builds the foundation for written narration. If the child is young, you usually postpone any written compositions until the age 10 (earliest) to 12 (latest). That would ease up your schedule, too!

MasterpieceMom said...

Man, do i know how hard these decisions are. I think it's because like on the hs-rdi board, we haven't seen yet the amazing results everyone is talking about. i'm just beginning with a consultant so it's been hard for me to "let go". My ds is not reading yet and even though i don't think he's really ready to read (resiliance issue), i feel i should be giving him small bits on instruction. i'm going to keep up with your blog now that i've found it, so i can see someone else going thru the same point in the program as we are. once again, thanks for posting your question on the board.