Thursday, June 21, 2007

Game Two!

Game two couldn't have been more different from game one: it was 90 degrees and sunny (rather than cool and soaking wet), we got blasted (rather than winning), and Reece wandered off (rather than coming to find me when she noticed people were leaving)! ;)

Tonight's final score was 14-3, with our hard-playing team having the 3. We played the best team in our area, and had been expecting that they would be hard to beat, and they didn't disappoint! Austin only got up to bat ONE time in the entire game! He struck out swinging! Our starting pitcher gave up 10 runs in the first two innings (they stop an inning after 5 runs are scored!). Another boy came in to pitch relief in the 3rd inning and he gave up 4.

I had had Reece in the bathroom in the 3rd inning, and was surprised to find my son on the pitcher's mound when we came out. Apparently, the boy who was pitching in the 3rd was getting upset at giving up all the runs and his dad asked dh to take him out. So in comes my boy! He got both of the batters out that he faced in the 3rd inning, striking out the last batter with a change up!

He was back in for the 4th inning! This time he gave up a walk, but the other batters hit his sinker ball for ground outs! Austin gave up NO hits, NO runs, walked one batter, and struck another out! It was awesome! Dh said that those kids are so used to opposing pitchers throwing heat, so when they faced Austin's pitches with slightly slower velocity and some movement behind them, they were all confused! All I know is that I'm very proud of Austin, and glad that he has something exciting to remember about this All-Star tournament -- since it will be his only one! ROFL

The other team invoked the 'mercy rule' for the bottom of the 4th inning (that's when you are leading by 10 or more runs after 4 innings, you can choose to end the game), so we actually made it home early tonight. We have another game on Saturday morning, way too early for how far away it is! If we win that game, there is a good chance we'll be in the playoffs which are Saturday afternoon starting at noon. I'll be sure to update when we get home on Saturday!

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Lisa said...

Great pitching, Austin!