Saturday, June 23, 2007

The End of All-Stars

This was quite possibly the best youth baseball game I have ever seen in my life! The final score was 11-11, and our boys played their hearts out! We were down 4 different times and came back each time, with the game ending in a tie! Unfortunately, we had to win this game to make it to the semi-finals, so we didn't get to move on, even with the tie. The other team's record was 1-1, and we were 1-1, going in to this game. Because of the tie, they went to 'runs allowed' which hurt us because of the last game where we gave up 14 runs. But it was a truly fantastic game!

As for Austin, he walked during his first at-bat, and then at his second at-bat he was hit in the head with a pitch. This ball was thrown so hard, it knocked Austin's helmet completely off his head! It scared mom and Nana to death! But it scored a run, because Austin had been up with bases loaded! Still... it took 10 years off my life!

Austin made a fantastic play from right field, throwing a runner out at HOME! He connected with the catcher from all the way in right field to keep a run from scoring! It was incredible!! He also had a stolen base on 3rd, and it was so close, but he was safe. He again scared me though because he didn't get up right away. He scraped his elbow in the slide and was trying not to get upset!

Here is Austin throwing the ball to home:

Above is Austin's "thing" he does after he makes a good play... he does that sign to his other players!

Here below is Austin after he had stolen 3rd base... it's hard to see but he's laying flat on the ground: So All-Stars is over now, and the boys all played very well! I'm glad that we took part, but I'm glad it's done! Austin was having a really hard time with the stress of today's game, and I noticed a big difference in him. I don't really care to dwell on that now, though, but it does reassure me that he is in the right place playing in this church league and not on a rec league where the pressure is like this every game!

Now... off for some rest... for a month... and then it's time for fall ball again! ;)


The Glasers said...

How wonderful that Austin enjoys baseball and has the talent to feel like he is contributing to the team!!! Congratulations on an awesome season!

Jan said...

Wow, sounds very exciting!! Glad it went so well for him!!!!