Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Recital memories

I think I'm starting to recover from the recital finally!

It was a lovely, but busy day. Riley did so exceptionally well, and she really loved all of the excitement of the backstage 'stuff'!

They also worked hard to make sure Reece was successful and comfortable... they assigned her class a waiting space out in a little alcove in the hall. It ended up being perfect. I was concerned about her running away, but the extra mom who stayed with the class just walked around with up and down the hallways. When I dropped her off, one of the backstage moms told me not to worry, that they would take good care of her. Then she went on to tell me how much she thinks of me and my children, and what a wonderful job she feels I do with them. I hugged her neck and just sobbed. I was emotional anyway, but then to hear her say that, especially when I doubt myself so much... well, shoot, I'm crying again just thinking about it! LOL

So it was time for Reece's class to come on stage. Reece walked out and looked absolutely terrified. Her teacher was at the end of the stage waiting to help the class through their dance, and Reece ran for her, saying, "I'm scared!" Her teacher hopped up on stage, stopping the show, got Reece comfortable and in her space, then hopped back down to let the music resume. (I guess it's important to add that this wasn't just a recital, but a ballet performance of the Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe... so to stop for Reece's class stopped the whole show). Reece did pretty well for the dance, running over to get the littlest girl in the class at one point when she forgot to come to the circle for their part. They had the adult ballet class come out to get the flowers when their dance was over! The flowers got a HUGE round of applause!

Right after Reece's dance, there is one more scene, then the intermission. Reece's teacher headed straight for me when the lights came up, and hugged me, and told me she thought it went so well! Reece didn't cry, she didn't run off stage, she ran straight for the teacher who she trusted to fix her feelings of being scared. Looking back on that, it's fantastic that she handled herself so well! She didn't feel competent, and she went looking for her dance master (in an RDI way of looking at it!). As I left the auditorium for a potty break, a number of folks came over to me and told me that Reece was so cute and she did very well! This is a very small dance school, and is actually made up of a number of families we did co-op with when Reece was a baby! So they've known her for awhile!

Riley's dance comes up right after intermission! She did SO well! She has such a natural ability for dancing! She remembered to smile, something I had noticed she didn't do during dress rehearsal. We were sitting on the side where she dances, and towards the end of her dance she noticed us and went "OH!!!" and grinned as she was dancing! LOL I hope that will be on the video because it was adorable!

The finale was cute... each class came out, bowed and moved back for the next class. When it was Reece's class's turn, they bowed, but Reece just stood there. One of the girls from her class walked up to her, put her arms around Reece's waist and said, "Come on Reece!" and backed her up!

It's so emotional to remember it! All of the worry is over, and I am so grateful for how much everyone came together to make sure Reece had a good experience. In fact, she had such a good experience, she wants to keep doing ballet!! I am going to encourage that, because I feel like this studio is a safe place for her, for me, for our family. And that is so important to me! And, of course, Riley wants to continue with ballet as well! :) I'm trying to decide if I can swing letting the girls take tap, too. It would mean 3 days at the studio a week! Yikes! Well, I have time to think about it! :)

Anyway, those are our memories from the recital! It was a real blessing!

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Jan said...

Sounds like it was just perfect!!!! YEAH!!!!