Thursday, May 17, 2007


I cannot deny it any longer. I've been trying very hard, and it's easy during busy times like this!

Austin will be a 'preteen' in a few hours! Yes, my 'baby boy' turns 11 tomorrow!

It started to hit me when I was sent an email from my county's autism support group asking me if I would like to sign Austin up for the 'Aspergers Teen Group'. I assumed someone added wrong and politely responded that he was only going to be 11 when the group started. They replied that they knew that --- the 'teen group' includes 11-12 year old 'preteens'.

Then this month at respite, Austin was placed in the preteen/teen class. It's not so bad, until you see that some of the teens are bigger than my husband! Austin worried for about 30 seconds... long enough to see the Nascar playstation game in the corner. No worried after that!

And today I took Austin to get a haircut... his last time to qualify for a 'kid cut' since they are only for children 10 and under. Of course you must expect that Austin would never go for lying about his age to save me $2! LOL

And tomorrow he wants to go out for dinner, to a place where he knows the kids' menu stops at age 10. :)

I'll try to put up some baby pictures later tonight! But instead of focusing on my 'baby', I'm going to attempt to embrace my 'preteen'!


Jan said...

Welcome to preteen land!! LOL!

Happy Birthday Austin!

andie said...

Happy Birthday!

Don't blink. If you do, as I must have, you too will be a few weeks out from having an actual no more pre, real, live Teen. *gasp*

Eleven is a fun age. Dramatic, but fun.