Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mother's Day

It's been a very nice Mother's Day! Austin has been excited all week because he figured out the perfect gift for me, and Daddy took him to get it yesterday! I've been incredibly curious, since he's been telling everyone about it!

He woke me this morning early and gave me my card. It features a picture of a very messy room. When you open the card, the message reads, "Just close the door, mom!" How appropriate! Inside the card was a $10 gift card to Target! He bought all of it with his own money. It was $12.78 total. I know this because he showed me the receipt! LOL

I hugged him alot and told him thank you. He said, "Seeing you smile makes my heart beat very fast!" which made me cry! :) He is truly a sweet boy! Riley gave me a big hug, and Reece gave me a kiss on the ear (after I promised not to look at her when she did it -- I guess Mother's Day is a bit overwhelming! LOL).

It's been a nice Mother's Day! I hope yours has been lovely as well!

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