Saturday, May 19, 2007

Dress Rehearsal News

Dress rehearsal is an exersize in exhaustion! LOL Riley was there from 12-9, and Reece had to be there from 2:30 and was done at 6. Everything went as well as you would expect from a dress rehearsal, and I enjoyed seeing all of the girls and boys in costume! Here are a few pictures:

Reece is the pink 'flower' towards the back, with her arms up! I was really proud of her when she was on stage. She was very nervous and scared when we got there, so I took her to her teacher backstage, like the teacher asked me to do. When the teacher brought her back to me, Reece was much more relaxed!
Here are the pink flowers doing their circle... Reece is the mammoth-looking pink flower on the right! See the little bitty flower to her left? She's a cutie pie, but Reece looks huge compared to her!

Here are the leopards who carry Aslan's crown and septor... aka Riley (on the right) and L. You may remember L from the "We Fall Down" dance that I had on video here.

Here is the girls' curtsey at the end... their dance is full of leaps and we weren't allowed to use a flash so most of the pictures are out of focus! :( I'm hoping to upload videos to youtube if the files aren't too big!

This is at the end of the finale.... remembering for whom we are dancing this program!

Reece struggled a bit, and ran away 3 times from her backstage moms. Another mom is going to go back and help out, in case Reece needs to get away from the commotion. I am so grateful that she is willing to do this. I feel bad since it's not me staying back there... but they all insist they don't want me backstage with Reece for her sake. They will call me as a last resort. Austin and I will be selling tshirts for the first recital (Riley's in that one as well)! It's going to be a very busy day tomorrow! I'll try to post tomorrow night how everything went! I'm not as worried as I was before dress rehearsal!

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Lisa said...

Glad the dress rehearsal went well. Praying for the performances!