Monday, May 07, 2007

Convention 2007

I got home from the convention late Saturday evening. Despite feeling unprepared and discouraged before I left on Friday, I felt energized and renewed by the time I got home! My friend Jan and I got to the convention late on Friday afternoon and browsed around until it closed. Then we checked into our hotel and went to IHOP for a bit of supper. We returned to our room, got out the catalogs/books/checklists, popped the POTC movies into my laptop, and began to plan what we needed to purchase on Saturday! It actually went very smoothly!

Saturday we just woke up to the alarm clock, but just hung out talking for awhile before we actually got motivated to get to the convention! LOL We both commented on how much more relaexed it was this time. There was no mass confusion... just alot of looking and deciding if certain things met our goals and needs! It was really cool!

We stayed until just about the end of the convention, when our tummies were growling too much to ignore any longer! We drove home and hit the mexican restaurant, not realizing it was Cinco de Mayo! LOL The wait wasn't too terribly long, and we were so hungry the food tasted incredibly good! :) I went back to Jan's for a bit since her family was still away on a camping trip, and we got to look at her stuff a bit more indepth! It was nice to just talk with her, since we don't get alot of time to hang out together! And when the kids are around, we rarely get to finish our trails of thought!

I made it home around 10, and found out that it had been a rough day for everyone, but they all survived! It was nice to be home, and I am excited for the possibilities of next school year! I am also ready for THIS school year to be finished so I can begin planning! ;)

I'll try to post tomorrow or Wednesday about my purchases and what our plans are for next year!


Becca said...

So glad that you had a good time! I am so excited to leave for the FL convention in 16 days. I am anxiously waiting to see what you bought!

Jan said...

I've missed chatting with you this week... we've been really busy too.