Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Busy week updates!

I'm counting down to the end of the 'school year' and our busy-ness! Yesterday we went to Reece's end of the year party at preschool. It's hard to believe that she only has one more day of preschool ever. She'll be an official homeschool girl and I'm getting more nervous as the reality sinks in. There is a boy in Reece's class who was recently diagnosed with Aspergers, and I've been talking to his mom alot. She is putting him in full-time special needs public preschool (he turned 4 in the fall) even though she doesn't want to. She said she's too scared to not do it, since it's what the doctors and therapists all recommend. I've talked to her a bit about our homeschool journey but, truth be told, I'm kind of nervous myself. Reece has made a good deal of progress this year... what if that doesn't continue? Or worse, what if she regresses due to being at home? Homeschooling a child on the spectrum is definitely a leap of faith. I need to go spend some time reading Tammy's blog ( for some reassurance! :)

Today we went to see the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra do a special performance for children. It was wonderful! They had sent a CD of the music they would be playing, so we've been listening to it for about a month. Each time the orchestra started a new piece, one of the kids would say, "Hey! I know that song!" Austin had not been looking forward to going today, since he saw the information that showed this was geared for PreK-2nd graders. He was offended that I wanted to take him to a 'baby thing'. He has been very sensitive lately about his age and size. On the way out of the performance he said that he thought it was great and he was glad he went! Everyone was very well-behaved, so that was nice!

On the way home, we picked up some plants for the teachers tomorrow. Reece loves flowers so much, and since Reece has really "blossomed" this year at preschool, it seemed appropriate! :)

I will try to get the details up about what I purchased at convention... maybe I'll be able to do that tonight or tomorrow night! :)

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The Symphony sounds awesome!