Friday, April 13, 2007

What a FUN Friday!

We had a fantastic day today! First, we went Strawberry picking this morning! It was the perfect weather for strawberry picking - not too warm, not too cold! We had alot of fun, and within 40 minutes, had two wonderful buckets of yummy strawberries! The girls have eaten nearly half a bucket, and I have some to go in the freezer for smoothies! I can already tell we'll have to go back another day to pick some more!

We had taken a picnic lunch to share with our friends, but they removed the picnic tables from the strawberry patch. So we headed to the park near my house! While the big kids were exploring they came across some goose eggs:
Then we met a man who was sailing a remote control sailboat on the water. C, the oldest boy in the R family, went over to talk to him first and we followed behind. This kind man let everyone have a try at sailing this boat! It was so nice, and I couldn't help but ponder the 'socialization' that my kids were getting!
Here is the sailboat... found out later it cost $1000! I'm so glad nobody dropped the remote control!
We also saw a herron, and I hope I'm spelling that correctly. You have to look closely in the middle of the geese and ducks to see the bluish-gray bird with the long skinny neck! He was so interesting and we got some great pics and video of him!
We also saw lots of baby ducks and the kids all played for hours on the playground! It was a lovely way to spend a beautiful Friday in the spring!

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