Saturday, April 21, 2007

Stopping the ball...

... with his nose!! OUCH!

Austin had a ball game this morning, and he was playing shortstop. A hard ground ball was hit his way, and he stopped it all right. It bounced right up into his nose! It happened so quickly: the ball was hit, Austin moved into position to catch it, the ball took a bounce, hit him in the face, Austin fell down to the ground.

We put an ice pack on it right away, and he sat out the rest of that half-inning. But it's gonna be ugly! Here are a couple of pics I took when we got home:

Ouch! Ouch! OUCH! He's fine though... he got 2 solid hits today even, which was great because he's been in a bit of a batting slump! And he's still going to a birthday party for another friend on his team this afternoon!
Oh, and he told me it could have been much worse. I asked him how, thinking he's talking about a broken nose, or it hitting him in the eye.
"It could have gotten past me, and gone into the outfield. That would have cost us at least one, maybe two, runs!"
::sigh:: Yeah, that's exactly what I was worried about! LOL

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Lisa said...

OUCH!! and LOL about his perspective! Did you see my blog about recess?