Tuesday, April 17, 2007

RDI parent training

We went to our parent training today, and my brain is very full right now! I will post more details later on this evening or tomorrow, once I've had a chance to process all of this information!

We are going to be working with a Consultant in Training, who happens to be a mom of a teenage boy with Aspergers. I am looking forward to her unique perspective as a mother of a child on the spectrum!

The consultant will be contacting us this evening to get the assessment part of the process underway. She indicated it would take around a month to get the assessments done. I am not sure if I'll need a month per child, or if we'll try to take care of both kids, or what.

Overall, I am very excited and anxious to get started! I'm feeling a little nervous about my ability to add this responsibility. I may have to drop some things to make room in our lives. That will be difficult, but I'm sure we'll work it all out!

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