Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Now look who's not sleeping!

That would be me, unfortunately! The night before last, Reece slept through the night! She was up last night for a few hours, but so was I, so it doesn't truly count!

The reason I'm not sleeping is I got an email from the RDI consultant we're starting to work with saying she needs our baseline videos ASAP. I haven't even been able to find a camcorder yet, let alone start accumulating the 40 minutes of video per child. So last night dh and I were up until 1AM researching camcorders. We found a good one (we think) that will do what we need it to do (we think!), and I'll go this morning to Walmart and purchase it.

But all night I'm running through my head what on earth I'm supposed to video. The guidelines are vague at best: nothing involving their obsessions, needs to be interactive, at least 10 minutes with each parent. Oh and it needs to be in an area with minimal distractions. Um, we are a homeschooling family of 5 in a 3 bedroom 1450 sq. ft. house. I have school desks in my kitchen and a mini-trampoline/OT area in my living room. There are no areas with 'minimal distractions'! My guess is that I'll have to make that area be the living room, with the TV off, of course. I'll work on getting that cleaned up today, too.

As far as what to video, I'm more at a loss for Austin. For Reece, I'll get her doing some jumping and see if she will reference me while doing it. I also want to get some of her playing with Riley and playing alone. Also will get her drawing a picture on the white board. She's pretty easy. Austin's much more difficult - he doesn't play and never has. Toys don't interest him. I could try to get video of us playing a board game, maybe without words? And we do this blanket folding thing. I'd like to get footage of him pacing the house, since that is something that he does alot of. And he plays pretend with the girls, mostly outside, so maybe I could get some of that? I'm just really not sure. I don't think she wants footage of him playing baseball, but it might be good to compare his sense of competence on the ball field compared to other areas of his life?

So this is why I haven't slept... I feel the weight of this on me and I am already overwhelmed before I've even begun. Let's don't even mention the video-editing and burning process that I know nothing about.

I am very anxious to be able to work with an RDI consultant! But I'm already feeling like I'm in over my head!


Lisa said...

Hey Jen, They probably want you to decide what you think is important! Glad you've chosen the camera and can get started right away!

The Glasers said...


Does he enjoy food? I got some great footage of Pamela helping me to bake her birthday cake. With the right scaffolding, she did a beautiful job. For games, we play the "Right or Wrong" game from the activity book. I also modified Candyland: she is the player and I am the card turner. I see the card and she has to reference me to figure out to which square to place her piece. I used frowns, smiles, and head movement to indicate how close she is. I bet you can modify many games like that!

We do not have a consultant, but recording what we do helps me pick up things about the interaction I missed.

I hope you get some sleep, Jen!