Monday, April 16, 2007

"Me too!!"

Today's attempt at education had me both excited and nervous about next year when Reece will be a Kindergartener and home full-time.

Excited: We just started the Botany curriculum from Apologia's Elementary Science program. I read the first few pages outloud and asked the kids to tell me what they remembered. I started small because I want this to be enjoyable and successful. Both of the big kids told me that "Botany is the study of plants" and "Biology is the study of living things". I said that was great and to go write it down for their botany notebooks. They zoomed off, announcing they were going to write it in cursive (Riley is finishing up her cursive instruction and Austin's been starting to be more comfortable using his cursive in everyday writing). Reece jumped up and said "ME TOO! BOTAMEE!!" And she ran to the kitchen table and grabbed up a pencil! So I took a piece of paper and printed in all capitals: BOTANY. She copied it and shouted "More!" so I wrote BIOLOGY and she copied that and shouted "More!" so I wrote PLANTS and she copied it too. Then she wrote REECE at the bottom and ran over to show me her paper! She wanted me to put it up on the display rail with the big kids' work! :) That was alot of fun!

Nervous: Reece was making alot of noise today (she's still doing the vocal stim thing), and it was really causing Austin alot of distress. I need to make sure I have a classical music playlist on his mp3 player so I can grab it up and let him block the noise out with his headphones. But at the time, I wasn't thinking clearly. All I was thinking was, "This is never going to work next year!" LOL And then Reece grabbed up the decorative scissors I had out for her to practice cutting designs with, and she ran over to Riley's desk where Ri was copying the 2nd half of her composition, and Reece sliced a piece off of Riley's paper. Then while I was putting the laundry away, Reece got out the markers and drew on my new table (thankfully it wiped off nicely). I know she was wanting attention and I gave her some (read 'Fancy Nancy' to her twice, and also did a reading lesson), but I do have other things I need to do sometimes! ::deep breaths, deep breaths::

There are only 8 more days of preschool for Reece! YIKES!

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