Thursday, April 12, 2007

ITBS, Day 2

Today went smoothly, overall! Austin did pretty well on the spelling portion, and on the language tests (capitalization, punctuation) he made similar mistakes to the ones he makes in his daily work. I know that if I pointed them out, he would realize the mistake and correct it. But for some reason, he just doesn't make that connection during the work. I'll be interested to see where he scores on spelling. It was his highest score last year, and this year he seems to have done the best on that section so far. I didn't look at the other reading comprehension section... I'm sure there won't be any surprises there either!

Riley was funny during her tests. She just cannot stop gasping when she finds the correct answer, or answering out loud after I read the question. It cracks me up! And one time she was looking for missing punctuation and she said, "There it is! You taught me all about that during Grammar!" as if now there is some validity to what I've been trying to teach her! LOL It would be hysterical to see her taking this test in a room full of other children. I wonder if all homeschooled children are like this on their first time. I only know how it was when I took tests or when I administered tests to my 2nd graders. They knew the 'routine' and were quiet. Riley gets bored of listening to the instructions... I can remember being like that myself! I just wanted to get on with the test! LOL

I probably won't post any further ITBS updates unless something funny happens! It's been alot better to take it more slowly this time than we did last time. Nobody is getting worn out. Also, Riley's test has to be read to her for the most part, and I don't think I could handle reading any more of that than I have to! I don't remember that from my teaching days, but it's been a good many years since I was in a classroom! ;) We have 3 more days of testing, but it will be spread over the next 2 weeks. Next Tuesday, we have our RDI training, so we won't be doing any testing that day. Nana and Papa will be here to watch the kids, and take Reece to preschool and Ri to ballet. I wouldn't want to add anything else for them!

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